Review + Swatches: Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm


IMG_1722 Left to Right: Amp’d Up Apple, Roly Posy Rosy, Plumped Up Peony (Really intense swatches)


Left to Right: Amp’d Up Apple, Plumped Up Peony, Roly Poly Rosy (Blended out swatches)


I have never really been a fan of cream blushes. I liked the idea of a cream blush, but they never seem to work for me. Most of the cream blushes I have tried have done one of two things. First they have applied chalky and get patchy after a short amount of time. The second problem I have with cream blushes is that they turn me into a greasy monkey and I don’t even have oily skin. So when I saw the Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm I thought maybe these are the ones. Especially after the Cheek Pop Blushes, which were so wonderful, I had extremely high hopes for these cream blushes.



I started off by picking up the color Amp’d Up Apple. It looked kind of boring in the tube, but I didn’t have many colors like that in my collection. I tend to think all natural/nude blushes are blah in the tube. When I put this blush on it added just the right amount of flush to my cheeks. I apply this blush by either running it over my cheeks then blending it in with my ELF stippling brush (one of my favorite brushes I own like 10). I also just put it directly on to the stippling brush then on to my cheeks. I think I prefer the latter. It just makes it easier to place the color exactly where I want it. You could just run the stick over your cheeks and then blend with your fingers, but applying makeup with my hands kind of grosses me out so I usually try to avoid it.

The Blush applied evenly and was very easy to blend and move about. It didn’t apply matte, but I wouldn’t call the finish luminous or shimmery either. The finish is very natural. The color and finish last all day without becoming patchy or making me look like you could fry and egg on my cheeks.

I decided I really loved the formula of this blush and picked up Roly Poly Rosy and Plumped Up Peony. Both colors are absolutely stunning. I really thought I would be drawn to Plumped Up Peony more than Roly Poly Rosy, but I have been grabbing for Roly Poly Rosy. Roly Poly Rosy just adds the flush that people think about when they hear the term “blushing bride” it perks up my face not matter how little sleep I’ve had. I think once we get more into fall I will start to reach for Plumped Up Peony more often. It will be a great blush to throw on with a vampy lip. There is one more color I don’t own, Robust Rhubarb. I am sure I will pick it up at one point, but I already own so many corally, pink blushes and did not feel the need to pick this one up right away, but I am sure it is beautiful!




What’s your favorite Cream Blush? Have you picked up any of the Clinique Chubby Cheeks Sticks ( I know that’s not what they are called, but they should be called that!)?




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