Review + Pictures: Diorskin Star Foundation




I am a foundation junkie. It is the one product that I promise I will never be satisfied. I will always be looking for my next foundation fix. That current fix is the Dior Star Foundation. The Dior Star Foundation makes the following claim:

Inspired by the professional illuminating techniques and expertise of its makeup artists, Dior invents Diorskin Star, its 1st brightening foundation: a weightless fluid capable of recreating the spectacular and perfecting light of Dior’s studios.

– The complexion is instantly more luminous and visibly more even.
A new generation of hollow silica beads captures and diffuses light in a correcting halo with no shine. At the same time, colour-filter pigments neutralize colour imbalances to recreate the perfect light.
– The complexion is clarified with a purer, more dazzling and long-lasting light.
Anti-“light-trap” skincare ingredients help reduce the appearance of dark areas, pigment spots and redness



When I read these claims I knew I had to try it. I suffer from major ance scaring, uneven skin tone, dull dry skin and breakouts. My expectations were high. Was this the foundation that would give me the smooth and natural complexion I longed for?


Dior skin collage
This foundation has lived up to that expectation. As you can see it covers my imperfections without looking cakey and unnatural. I am wearing the color 010 which is just a tiny bit light for me but looks fine if I warm it up with some bronzer.

The foundation has wonderful lasting power as well. I would say it wears well on me for about 8 hours which is pretty much the max of any foundation I have ever tried. Occasionally on oily or sweaty days I may have to powder or blot my nose, but once again that is pretty much every foundation. I think the day I find a foundation that stays 12 hours, covers well, and looks natural may be the day I actually commit (but I doubt it does or will ever exist).

I have tried multiple ways to wear this foundation and my favorite is with a wet beauty blender. I feel like when I use the beauty blender it really works the foundations into my skin along with some extra moisture from the blender to make it look natural.

Overall I am very pleased with this foundation. It covers well and looks natural which are the two biggest things I look for in a foundation. My one complaint is I wish they had a larger variety of shades.  For now this is my foundation fix, but I am always on the hunt for the PERFECT foundation. I don’t think I will ever be 100% committed or satisfied with a foundation, but this one sure came close.



What is your favorite foundation right now?

Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts?

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