Review + Swatches: E.L.F Essential Vampire Beauty Book

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vamprie makeup

I planned on doing a last minute Halloween costume today, however far more people had my idea for Rosie the Riveter as a last minute costume then I had predicted.  So when I was trying to figure out costumes I went to target and browsed around and found this E.L.F Essential Vampire Beauty Book for $6.  I figured for $6 it was worth a try.

I have been trying this out a few days and for the most part I was impressed especially for $6 dollars.  The eye shadows really stood out above the rest all of the book.  The shadows are all shimmery, but there is a good range of midtoen and darker colors to work with along with the highlight shade to make some good looks.  The best performers were the three orangy reddish shades.  They were very pigmented and buttery with just a hint of fallout.  The worst performer was the highlighter it was much more chalky then the rest.  The lashes looked nice, but the glue was terrible so maybe use your eyelash glue of choice with these. The eyeshadow applicator is a spongy one and I hate all of those so this it is probably going to get tossed out. I like the lip gloss for what it is, but no matter how much I layered it on it still looked like a dark pink.  It for sure needs to be paired with a red lipstick.  The eyeliner was smooth and easy to apply.  I personally was a fan.

Overall I think this is a steal at $6.  I bet if you go tomorrow it will be even cheaper in the Halloween section at target which is where I found it.  This line has 3 other beauty books as well, but I just picked up this one. It would create a great vampire look but also has beautiful colors for fall and will be wearable past Halloween.


Have you found any good makeup steals lately?


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