Review + Swatches: VICE 3

vice header IMG_2313 vice swatches 1 vice 3 swatches 2 IMG_2309 IMG_2311 IMG_2312The VICE 3 has been on my want list since the second it came out.  The eye shadows were very appealing to me and I felt like a lot of the more colorful shades were shades I would feel comfortable working with.  I ended up purchasing the Vice 3 a few weeks back from Sephora and have been testing it out.

The VICE 3 palette contains 20 limited edition shades (can’t get these babies anywhere else).  This palette has its ups and downs. At $60 it is one of the most expensive limited edition palettes out for the Holiday and it is Urban Decay so I had high expectations.  Overall I would say 80% of this palette is on par with Urban Decays usual shadow quality.  I particularly enjoyed the shades Sonic, Bondage, and Alchemy.  These were great quality and easy to work with and I think these shadows are truly unique to this palette, especially Sonic.  I have never seen a color quite like it before and it looks just as beautiful on the lid as it does in the pan.  The shades I have the biggest problems with are Truth, Freeze, and Dragon.  Truth was chalky and difficult to work with which was very disappointing because it is the only matte highlighting shade.  Truth and Freeze were so difficult to blend.  Every time I used one of these shadows I spent far too much time blending and trying to get the look I wanted and since these are such bright shades I couldn’t just say screw it and walk out the door with jacked up eye shadow.  I did not have too much problem with most of the other shades.  You do have to be careful with fallout with quite a few shades from this palette, but it’s not so bad that it can’t be dealt with by doing you under eye concealer after your eye makeup (something I usually do anyway).

The packaging for the VICE 3 isn’t awesome, but it isn’t the worst.  It’s sleek enough to where I can store it easily but sturdy enough to where I feel like my shadows are nice and protected.  The thing I hate about this packaging is that no matter what I do, I can ALWAYS see my grubby finger prints all over it.  It’s not the worst thing in the world, but the palette usually looks like a filthy mess.  The best part of this packaging is the HUGE mirror on the inside.  I do my makeup at the kitchen table a lot and this mirror comes in handy.  The VICE 3 also came with a cute little bag you can store the palette in or use as a cute little makeup bag.

vice looks

Some looks I did with VICE 3 (sorry about the quality my camera on my phone is crap)

Overall I was a teeny bit disappointed, but by no means would I call this a bad palette.  There are aspects and shadows I LOVE LOVE (this is why it was in my October Favorites) and aspects and shadows that I could do without.

What do you guys think about the VICE 3?  Are you a fan?

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