Happy 2015: My New Years Resolutions


The New Year is here. It is a blank slate, an unwritten book, and I have NO idea where the year will take me. I am excited! I want to begin the New Year by making some expectations, hopes, goals… I guess you people call them resolutions.

Make better food choices. Ooooooh the cliché. I have probably made this resolution on and off for the majority of my adult life. I want to be healthy and feel healthy. I want to model healthy eating habits for my daughter who has already inherited my adoration for cheese and carbs.

Become a runner. I enjoy an exhilarating run (I am using the word “run” loosely), however, I am poor at time management and don’t make running a priority. This year I want make it a priority to run 250 miles. It may sound like very little, but it is a goal and a start.

Take more pictures. I am horrible about taking the time to document a moment with a simple photo. I adore flipping through old pictures from high school and college when I was a camera happy youngster. I need to be camera happy again so future me can look back at pictures of this time in my life with that same kind of fondness.

Be more consistent and thoughtful with my blog. I first envisioned this blog as an extension of myself. I wanted to include post topics including cosmetics, my sad attempts at fashion, craftiness, my life and overall femininity. This year I want to work on getting out of the makeup box and expand my blog.

Take more baths. Seriously. A long hot bath genuinely breathes life back into my soul. It helps me truly relax and have a moment to myself. They need to happen more frequently.

Be a better member of the universe. Every month I want to do something that improves the world. This month I want to make recycle bins so that our family can start recycling. I also want to do things like donating time, helping others in need, etc. ( I still have to do some pondering on ideas for the rest of the year. Suggestions welcome.) Sometimes I just feel like a bum that takes and takes from this beautiful world we live in. I want to bless and give and give to the world and those in it.

Read. Read. Read. I went through a phase a few years back where I read constantly. I miss that. This year I want to read a book every month. I found a reading challenge on Modern Mrs. Darcy that I am considering doing. Either way I want to read more.



That is a lot of resolutions. I am sure some will stick better than others, but if you do not set them you cannot reach them!

I hope that these changes will not only change my life but model health, education, positive virtues, and living life to my daughter and my future children. Little changes like these in my life could have lasting impacts in their lives.



So here is to 2015 and the crazy standard I have now set for myself!



What were some of you resolutions?

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