It’s Kiss a Ginger Day!!!

cody kiss

Today is Kiss a Ginger Day!  Have you kissed your ginger?  I sure have! Know why? Because I married one!  I thought because today is kiss a ginger day I would share with you a 10 reasons (I really like making lists) why I am so extremely excited that I get to kiss my ginger every day!

  1. Let’s get the mush out of the way shall we.  My ginger is a man who truly puts his family first.  Men like him who work hard and put their wives and children before themselves come far and few between and I am so blessed to have snatched one up.
  2. My ginger makes a mean cup of coffee. It’s the simple things in life people….
  3. My ginger also makes some pretty awesome waffles
  4. My ginger is completely content sitting in the couch giggling with me while drinking cheap champagne and watching our favorite stand- up routines on Netflix.. and doing this on New Year’s Eve…
  5. My ginger is obviously ok with the fact that I am often boring
  6. My ginger is constantly broadening my music horizons by always restocking my Ipod with new music and making me the occasional mixtape. Old school.
  7. My ginger does not understand, but puts up with my very absurd (I am aware) beauty addiction while I get to enjoy his much less absurd record collecting addiction.
  8. When I do get the whim to do something exciting like road trip across the state my ginger is right there with me!
  9. My ginger does his own laundry
  10. My ginger is the coolest cat I have ever met and every day I count my blessings that I have him to kiss every day!



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