Wet N Wild Fergie Matte Lip Color: Review + Swatches


I was in the drugstore getting something I needed like milk or shampoo when I ran into new Wet N Wild products. I like Wet N Wild they are cheap and, for the most part, pretty decent products. I saw the new Wet N Wild Fergie Velvet Matte Lip Colors and I was pretty excited. Matte Lips are so in and it appeared that they had some very beautiful colors. I picked up four of these guys.

When I unwrapped the lipstick the first thing I noticed were that the colors were quite a bit different then what is looked like on the lid (I know this happens but it was like way off). Then I noticed that two of the four lip crayons were completely broken in half. Remember these were sealed. I went to swatch these and once again was disappointed. They are very sheer. I had to go over my swatch multiple times to get a decent color pay off. I still wanted to give these a chance. Plumgenue is a light plum. This was my favorite of the bunch. I felt out of the four this was the only one that looked ok on me. Pink Candy was a barely there pink. Timeless Chick is a mauvey rose. I think this is supposed to be an ode to the nude matte lip trend. This one I could make work and was somewhat close to the color on the cap. DJ Doll is a light coral orange. From the cap I was really hoping for a burnt fall orange. Every single one of these I had to layer and layer and layer. I don’t mind giving my lips a couple of passes to build up to the color, but this was going over my lips 20 times to get any color. Once I got to my desired color the lipsticks did not last long and wore off patchy.

PicMonkey Collage
I ended up taking all of these back. At 3.49 I did not feel like they were worth keeping. I may have kept Plumgenue just because I thought it was really nice once I got it on, but it was one of the ones that came out broken…. So I took them all back.

What was your experience with these? Any products been a dud for you lately?

13 thoughts on “Wet N Wild Fergie Matte Lip Color: Review + Swatches

  1. Sorry to hear that these didn’t work out for you. I was going to say that my favorite one was the plumgenue. Too bad they wore off like that. Definitely not worth the price though then. Thanks for sharing your review on these! 🙂 x

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  2. I like the Plumgenue best on you! It looks like a pretty color.
    Another cheap balm stain alternative: Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain…I get them from Walgreens. My favorite color is the Honey Love, but I also like Nude Chic too. You should try them!

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