Jamberry Nail Wrap Review

nail wrap

I love having my nails done. There is nothing like having a well manicured nail to make me feel feminine and put together. However nail polish chips. Like a lot. Sometimes I will do my nails and it is chipping within 24 hours of the initial application. So when I started hearing about Jamberry wraps I was definitely curious. There were all these cute options, that were supposed to be easy to apply and long lasting. It sounded pretty awesome. I had a few friends that were selling Jamberry and I always considered contacting them to give it a try, but it wasn’t until my friend Angie contacted that I finally made the move to give them a try.

The first time I tried applied my wraps it was definitely a process. I highly suggest for your for your first time connect with your supplier and check out some tutorials. The whole process the first time took me about 45 minutes. At the end I was extremely annoyed by its tediousness and felt like I would NEVER use Jamberry again. However after a few days my nails were still perfectly covered in the leopard wraps. By day ten my nails looked fresh, like I had just visited the salon. I decided at that point I wanted to give these babies another go.

The second time I did a little more research before applying and got my tools together and the process took me about twenty minutes. I felt much less frustrated and annoyed especially since I knew I was going to have perfect nails for at least the next ten days!

I will say that these were not as simple as I had anticipated, but with practice it gets easier. I love that you will have cute designs on your fingers for days with no chipping and without the $50 cost of an expensive manicure. Another thing I love is the variety of sizes.  My thumb is super wide so I rarely can find wraps to fit it, but Jamberry has one that fits it perfectly.  I personally think at $15 for a pack of wraps that these are a good deal. Each pack should give you at least two wears.
If you are interested in trying out Jamberry I get mine through my friend Angie. To order through Angie just click this link and make your order. She is so great about answering any questions throughout your Jamberry experience!

Have you tried Jamberry? What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Jamberry Nail Wrap Review

  1. Love that design – so sassy! And I think leopard goes with everything so I’d be all over those! You have such pretty nails – I’ve got to grow mine out! (:


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