May Favorites


Here are a few of my favorite things… from May.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner
I believe this has made a huge contribution to my skin not being a complete disaster lately. It keeps my skin feeling clean and clear without completely drying it out.

Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup
I have owned a handful of Chanel products in my life and I have enjoyed every single one despite the massive hole they burn in my pocket. This product is no exception. It’s my go to on light makeup days for summer. Foundation, mascara, and this bronzer make for the perfect dewy no makeup makeup.
Colourpop Blush in Fruit Stand
I LOVE all of the Colourpop blushes I purchased (comment below if you’re interested in a review or swatches) but I have been wearing this one nonstop with the next product I am about to chat about.

Lipstick Queen Aloha
This lipstick makes your lips look like you have been enjoying a cherry Popsicle on a hot summers day. I love it. This lippy along with Colourpop Fruit Stand has been my go to look so far this Spring/summer.
Marc Jacobs Instamarc Light Filtering Powder
I ranted and raved about this in my review and since then I still have not put this product down. I have actually hit pan on both the bronzer and the highlight.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
This is my favorite drugstore concealer for the under eye area. It does a great job of covering my always present dark circles without creasing. I tend to get this concealer in a shade lighter then my skin tone to help brighten my under eye area and occasionally I will use it to help highlight when I decide to go for a more contoured look.

What were your favorites for May?

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