Just Me

This is a blog about hair,makeup,motherhood, craftiness, the random lists in my head, creativity and my girly life.


I am a 28 year old wife to a wonderful husband, mother to the girliest toddler, resident of Texas, follower of Christ and lover of all things beauty.  Those are the basics.  Though I love to write, writing about myself currently is feeling awkward and weird.  I have typed and written about 20x and it is all just awkward so I am just going to write a list of random facts you may like to know about me.


Most days I’m lucky to get any makeup on.  Between two kiddos and crazy life I am lucky to get out the door period.

I have thick wavy hair that people have been envious of my whole life.  Though I like my hair I wish God would have given me something a little bit more manageable.  On days I style my hair from wash to perfect wave it take me almost an hour and when it’s long it sometimes would take more then an hour. I also can’t rock the natural look very well.  My hair goes up in a bun quite frequently.

I cried when I cut my hair.

It was worth the tears

I used to be a parent educator…. it did not prepare me for motherhood

I do love being a mother… but like any parent most days I feel like I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off (this is most parents right??)

I have lived in my house three years and it is about to go on the market and it is
JUST now the way I like it.  (its happening)

In High school my youth group went on a ski trip and the girl were all chatting right before bed and I had taken off my makeup.  One of the boys popped in to chat with us.  I took off running because I was terrified of being seen with out makeup by a boy (ok he was the boy I liked, its still kinda sad though)

I love craftiness and DIY but almost EVERY single project I take on there is a moment when I want to break, throw, demolish the project and pretend it never happened.

I secretly want purple hair and a nose ring…. like when I was in college.  You know what… I think I will go for it

I am the worst sleeper ever… I inherited this trait from my father and passed it on to my daughter… the only time I was EVER a good sleeper was when I was pregnant with my daughter. Thankfully my other kid is a pretty good sleeper.

I have fingernails of STEAL

It’s been about 3 months since I have deep cleaned my makeup brushes.  Every morning I look at them horrified and try to do a quick fix and promise I will wash them that night…. I still haven’t.  Maybe tonight, but probably not because I am feeling kind of lazy.

I am not professional makeup artist or a professional mom or a profession DIYer or a professional anything and I don’t claim to have it all together… but hopefully you can find something interesting in the things I find interesting and my hott mess of a life.




me 2






6 thoughts on “Just Me

  1. I think you are gorgeous! You don’t even need makeup, but when you are dressed up, Wow! Blessed with great cheek bones, skin and hair will do that. Oh, almost forgot the curves too! 🙂 I live in Texas too and am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Post more outfits.


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