DIY Picture Frame Makeover

PicMonkey Collage 4

Hello lovely. We had a beautiful weekend a few weekends ago so I dragged the kiddo outside and finally took some time re-purpose a frame I found at Kirklands for about $7. I have had this picture frame for a while now and was waiting for a good weekend to work on it. I love trying to find things that I can repurpose for a good price. I wanted some chunky frames for my bedroom, but they can be really expensive. Almost nothing in my house is new. I have a hard time paying big chunks of money for home décor so I am always looking for a deal.

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Last Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Gift


I am a gift giver. I absolutely love coming up with ideas for something special that I know a friend or a love one will appreciate. However, these days I spend most of my time running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get through my never ending to-do list. Because of this, Birthdays, Holidays, special events etc sneak up on me and I often have to come up with a thoughtful gift in a hurry. Valentines snuck up on me. I LOVE Valentine’s day; The red, the pink, the purple, doing things for your loved ones, cute baby outfits, date nights, sweet gifts, I like it all. So I despite the fact that I waited until yesterday to even think about this day of love I came up with a quicky valentine gift for my husband that I am so excited to give to him.

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DIY: Hydrating and Smoothing Pumpkin Face Mask

IMG_1989 IMG_2014 PicMonkey Collage

Face masks are my favorite part of skin care. Something about having some crazy looking gunk on my face makes me feel girly and glamorous(weird right?). It’s just fun. Store bought face masks can often be expensive so sometimes I like to try and make my own. During the Fall I really enjoy this DIY pumpkin face mask.

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