Benefit Roller Lash Mascara: Review


There is a ton of hype surrounding the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a sample from Ulta last week. The Mascara is due to launch this Friday. I went to Ulta today and the place was plastered in Benefit Roller Lash Posters. Benefit is promoting the crap out of this Mascara so I have got me some high expectations people.

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Tartelette Eye Shadow Palette: Review + Swatches


Hello my beautiful friends! My name is Addie and I am an eye shadow palette addict. Lately I have been trying to cut down on my beauty purchases due to things costing money and all, but I could NOT pass up on the Tarte Tartelette Eye Shadow palette. When I saw this beautiful bugger in person I knew it had to be mine. I immediately snatched it up to add to my embarrassingly large eye shadow palette collection.

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Last Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Gift


I am a gift giver. I absolutely love coming up with ideas for something special that I know a friend or a love one will appreciate. However, these days I spend most of my time running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get through my never ending to-do list. Because of this, Birthdays, Holidays, special events etc sneak up on me and I often have to come up with a thoughtful gift in a hurry. Valentines snuck up on me. I LOVE Valentine’s day; The red, the pink, the purple, doing things for your loved ones, cute baby outfits, date nights, sweet gifts, I like it all. So I despite the fact that I waited until yesterday to even think about this day of love I came up with a quicky valentine gift for my husband that I am so excited to give to him.

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January Favorites


I have a confession. I have spent the past month binge watching Gilmore Girls. Every free second I get I am pretty much watching Gilmore Girls. This has made for an unproductive month. I have now completed all seven seasons (still not sure how I feel about it all) and am ready to attempt to be a little more productive. So today I sit here to tell you January was a pretty good month for beauty products. I have come across some goodies that I am super excited to share with all you other addicts out there.

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Wet N Wild Fergie Matte Lip Color: Review + Swatches


I was in the drugstore getting something I needed like milk or shampoo when I ran into new Wet N Wild products. I like Wet N Wild they are cheap and, for the most part, pretty decent products. I saw the new Wet N Wild Fergie Velvet Matte Lip Colors and I was pretty excited. Matte Lips are so in and it appeared that they had some very beautiful colors. I picked up four of these guys.

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Milani Rose Powder Blush: Review + Swatches


Hellooo my beautiful blushing ladies
Milani not only came out with new Matte Lipsticks (check out my review here), but they also re-released three shades of the previously limited addition Rose Powder Blushes into the permanent collection. Romantic Rose, Tea Rose, and Coral Cove have been released into permanent glory. I purchased all three because I have a makeup hoarding problem… They come in the standard gold Milani packaging with a transparent top. Through the transparent lid you can see that the blushes have been sculpted into the shape of beautiful rose. How cool is that (I’m a sucker for gimmicks).

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Ladies and Gents I am now on Bloglovin


Soo I will be completely truthful and tell you that I did not know what Bloglovin was until I started my blog a few months ago and it wasn’t until today that I really tried it out.  Holy Cow I think I just found my biggest time waster.  I am sorry pinterest and Netflix you will have to move over for Bloglovin.  I hope that you will follow my wonderful blog (toot toot) on this wonderful website.  All you have to do is click here to make my blog to yet another distract from cleaning house, doing homework, making dinner.  I hope you enjoy my time wasting friends!

Milani Color Statement Matte Lipsticks: Review + Swatches

Milani just came out with their new Color Statement Matte Lipsticks. Milani is very possibly my favorite drugstore brand. The second I heard they were coming out with a new matte lipstick line I was flooded with anticipation. Continue reading

Naked On the Run: Review + Swatches


One of the many makeup items on my Christmas wish list was the Naked On the Run Palette. My wonderful husband, who does not understand why makeup is so costly, made the big splurge and wrapped up this little ditty for a pleasant Christmas surprise. His reasoning for purchasing the Naked on the Run Palette over my other makeup desires was because “it seemed like the most bang for my buck”. This is exactly why I wanted this palette. It has everything you need. Mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss, six eye shadows, a blush, and a bronzer are snug as a bug inside the tortoise packaging. Continue reading