January Favorites


I have a confession. I have spent the past month binge watching Gilmore Girls. Every free second I get I am pretty much watching Gilmore Girls. This has made for an unproductive month. I have now completed all seven seasons (still not sure how I feel about it all) and am ready to attempt to be a little more productive. So today I sit here to tell you January was a pretty good month for beauty products. I have come across some goodies that I am super excited to share with all you other addicts out there.

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Wet N Wild Fergie Matte Lip Color: Review + Swatches


I was in the drugstore getting something I needed like milk or shampoo when I ran into new Wet N Wild products. I like Wet N Wild they are cheap and, for the most part, pretty decent products. I saw the new Wet N Wild Fergie Velvet Matte Lip Colors and I was pretty excited. Matte Lips are so in and it appeared that they had some very beautiful colors. I picked up four of these guys.

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December Favorites


The Holidays are over *sniffle sniffle* and the time has come for my December favorites. Life has been on turbo speed the past couple months. We had Halloween, My daughters birthday (and like 22 other birthdays), Thanksgiving, and the o so chaotic yet wonderful Christmas. So when I got to thinking about the things I loved in December I had a hard time coming up with much. After days (seriously. Days…) I could only come up with three things. I guess the hustle and bustle of Christmas kept me from either remember my favorites or spending much time using any makeup. Either way I only came up with three things and only ONE of them is makeup.

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