January Favorites


I have a confession. I have spent the past month binge watching Gilmore Girls. Every free second I get I am pretty much watching Gilmore Girls. This has made for an unproductive month. I have now completed all seven seasons (still not sure how I feel about it all) and am ready to attempt to be a little more productive. So today I sit here to tell you January was a pretty good month for beauty products. I have come across some goodies that I am super excited to share with all you other addicts out there.

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Mascara Madness

mascara header


At any given time I can have 3 to 5 mascaras open that I am using.  I try not to do this I try to just have a few open at a time, but I have a problem and often get excited about a new mascara and can’t wait until one has dried up or I have used it up (because that happens so often) to open a new one.  Today I want to chit chat about the Mascaras I currently have open a share a mini review about each one.  Continue reading